Are you sure you are a registered member of Saint Philip Parish? Are you new to the area? Perhaps you have been attending Mass here for quite a while and would like to join our parish family but have never gotten around to formally registering. 

If you are a registered member of the parish, you should be receiving monthly contribution envelopes to your home. If you are not now receiving envelopes, please contact the Parish Office so that we can register you as a member.

Why is it important to be registered at a parish? 

When someone is asked to be a godparent at Baptism or a sponsor for Confirmation, that person must provide verification that he/she is a member “in good standing” of a parish. There have been times that we were not able to provide a sponsor certificate because an individual was not registered. The same applies to those wishing to be married at Saint Philip. The mere attendance at Mass is often not sufficient documentation that you are a parishioner.

Registering is easy to do, so why be disappointed that you cannot obtain sponsor certificates, letters of recommendation, pastor’s verification letters for school financial aid, etc. You’ll enjoy being a part of our parish family!

Download and print out our Parish Registration Form (PDF | 13 KB)